Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Introduction to my life!

As if I needed to add one more thing to my day to day activities, I threw a blog on in. I love to write. Always have. It's just the creative side of me. I'm even considering penning a novel. Writing is also a huge outlet for me. It's a way to get things out of my system, say exactly what I want to say without having to worry whose delicate feelings I'm hurting. Let's see...where to start. Well how about the title: Southern Belle as an Army Wife. I'm a Kentucky country girl at heart. I grew up in the backwoods of what my brothers and I like to call, Hippie Hollar. I was removed from an unsightly "home situation" by my amazing aunt and half zaney grandmother. I got introduced to somewhat of a city life, but still it was redneck Central.  Regular teenage life. Boys, drama, boys, drama. I was known to be a bit brazen and, well, let's face it; I still am ;). I was going down a rough path for a while. I had my own place and was living with a complete idiot when my knight in shining combat boots came along. I like to refer to my now husband as my saving grace. I lived about 20 minutes from Fort Knox, in Elizabethtown. I never wanted a relationship with a soldier. I always thought it was something I couldn't deal with. Well, come to find out, I'm tough as nails and you can't help who you love! Regular boy meets girl, they fall in love, have kids and get married. We just did it a little early...at 19. But hey, six years later, it's still working for us and neither one of us could be happier. That, or he's the world's biggest conman and I'm a complete idiot...but I doubt that. After 3 PCS's (where we move to a new duty station), a deployment, nursing school for me (highly-educated LPN), 4 big promotions for him, here we are. In Middle of Nowhere, Midwest, USA. We just purchased our first home and are settling in here. It feels like coming home. And by that I mean, we are in the middle of no where, with nothing but outdoor-sy type things to do. The nearest big city is an hour or so from here. Let's just say, in order to keep my sanity and everyone in the house alive, I'll be making a trip there at least once a month. So by now, you are probably wondering what's so Southern Belle about me. Well, I never really thought of myself as a Southern Belle until I worked at a restaurant as a server while going through nursing school. We were in Kansas City and an accent wasn't heard too often around there. I couldn't go anywhere without someone asking me where I was from. So in the middle of a rush at work, I'd come in the back, cursing and acting like a complete fool. One of the cooks there would always say, "There's my little Southern Belle". It never failed to get a laugh from the entire staff. You know something? He was right. A Southern Belle is sweet tempered, yet quick tempered. A Southern Belle will drop everything and be there for you when you are at your darkest of times; but piss her off, and you'll soon wish you hadn't. There is a finesse to be learned in proper procedure and execution of this. A Southern Belle will make your sweet tea with a side of a glucose monitor and never fail to give you a heart attack for dinner, yet it will be the best meal of your life. A Southern Belle knows when to hold her tongue and when to give someone a good "talking-to". A Southern Belle knows how to dress to the nines and look like an absolute princess, but she's not afraid to get dirty with the boys on four-wheelers, in mud trucks, or in the woods. No one loves bigger than a Southern Belle and no one goes out harder than a Southern Belle. At least, these are the Southern Belle's where I'm from. If you had any preconceived notions on Southern Belles, I assure you they are wrong. So yep, that's me. Stay tuned to see what happens when this Southern Belle morphs into an Army Wife. This could get interesting....

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