Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Army Box-May

I’ve already given the spill about the beauty products in my neck of the woods. Or lack there-of.  Making my beauty box subscriptions completely necessary (husband, I'm talking to you). I’ve talked about my Birchbox subscription, which you can find one of my boxes here and even a review on one of my favorite products from one of the boxes here. I also get another box every month that I’ve mentioned in passing. The one I want to introduce you to today is Beauty Army. It is a beauty sample subscription service, like Birchbox, where you pay a monthly fee for some more high-end beauty samples that are new or maybe hard to find. Beauty Army is a few bucks more than Birchbox, sitting at 12 dollars currently, but what I especially like about them is that you get to pick your samples. Once you sign up, you can take a beauty profile survey that best matches your answers with the samples they currently have. However, if you just want a surprise box, like Birchbox, then don’t pick your samples and the Beauty Army team will put together a kit for you. One of the bonuses is that if you decide you don’t like what they have to offer that month, or don’t want a box that month, you can opt out and skip. Pretty easy, peasy, right? J

So, without further ado, here’s what I choose for my May box!

First off, every month your samples come in a sleek, black, sturdy box like this. Inside is a super cute, pink camo print.

This was one of my favorite items in the box this month. This is a FULL SIZE product that sells for 20 dollars. It's called the clickR Skincare Acne Spot Serum. It works wonders! When it says results in 24 hours, it's not joking. I love the size of it too. It's about the size of a sharpie, so it fits in your purse or makeup bag without taking up any room. PLUS it's makeup friendly! Sample Value: $20.00

This is the Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion. I've not had the opportunity to use this yet, but I've used this brand before and loved it; so I'm looking forward to trying it. This is supposed to be good for sensitive skin and is a "natural" face wash.
Product size: 2.5 fl oz, $19.00; Sample size: 0.34 oz, Value: $2.58

Next is the MAD Skincare Eye Defense Shielding Serum. This is also another product that I have yet to use, but I know the brand, know it's reliable, so I'm excited to try it. This is supposed to be light weight and is supposed to be designed to "protect, hydrate, and nourish critical areas around the eyes", according to the Beauty Army website.
Product size: 0.5 oz, $54.00; Sample size: 0.13 oz, Value: $14.04

The Aquolina Pink Sugar Body Mousse is everything you expect in a mousse. Light, whipped, and silky. It has a light, sweet scent, which I like. 
I only used this on my hands and arms, so I don't feel like I've gotten a great feel for it just yet.
Product Size: 8.45 fl oz, $30.00; Sample size: 0.68 oz, Value: $2.41

 LaRocca Skincare Lip Shield in Rose is also a full size product! At first this is kind of sticky, which I'm not a fan of, but it absorbs nicely into your lips. I love that it has an SPF in it. 
Full size product: $16.00

 This is the Kellet Clarifying Acne Treatment. I've yet to use it, but it's another one where I have used the brand and I love it, so I'm confident that this will work just as well as the rest. This is made to treat existing acne and prevent new breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria. It's also free of parabens and synthetics, which I LOVE.
Product Size: 1.7 fl oz, $75.00; Sample Size 0.1 oz, Value: $4.41

The total cost I paid for my Beauty Army box was $12.00, which includes shipping. This month's box value was $59.44! Yes! If you are interested in checking them out, you can do so here.

What did YOU get in your Beauty Army box this month? Or do you have any other boxes you subscribe to? I'm really thinking about Beauty Tube! 

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  1. Nice box! I picked the Click R last month and loved it as well. I also LOVE the Larocca Lip Shield. I even bought an extra one with a coupon I had from another site! :) I don't like sticky either, but mine have always absorbed nicely as well. I skipped this month so I am super excited to see what the options will be on the 1st! I am NOT wishing for time to fly by this time, though. Lol. I want this summer to go by as slowly as possible!! Haha!

    1. I loved the picks I got for June! I have a full size mascara coming that I'm dying to try!! And I definitely don't blame you for wanting the summer to go by slow! :D

  2. I'm addicted to beauty boxes, I subscribe to them all over here and stared me a blog about them! They are great value for money, and anything you don't like you can just bung on ebay hehe :P

    1. Ya'll get a lot over there that we don't get, Anna! I'll have to come by and see what you get :)

  3. I just found your cute blog and I am your newest follower. I had no idea there were so many different "boxes" out there. I am pretty sure I need this! We would love if you would check out our blog and follow us if you like it!


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