Friday, June 8, 2012

Campus Book Rentals

            With the summer started, I had hoped to get a little break and enjoy it with the kiddos. Oh no! But the good news is, I do get the opportunity for advanced placement in my current university’s nursing program. And by advanced placement, I mean only half of their program. I just have to work like a mad woman these next seven weeks in order to make that happen. Our nursing orientation was the end of May and oh how I had forgotten all the costs of nursing school. Geesh!! I’m so thankful to have most of everything and don’t have to buy a majority of it, but I was still shocked to see the ridiculous amount of books that are “required”. Especially now that I know that some of those that are “required” I will only open twice.

            Up until I came to this university, I had never entertained the thought of renting textbooks. However, it is an option a lot of students here go for. I don’t know if it’s because the majority are military and are looking for ways to cut corners, or what. I had asked several friends if you could actually save that much money, considering even when you sell books back, you get nowhere near what you paid for it. The prices were shocking. To rent a book that cost me almost 300 dollars in my one of my science courses, only cost 50-something to rent for the semester through the company a friend used.

            I was actually looking into that company when I got the opportunity to look into another and was hooked! The company is called Campus Book Rentals and there are so many things that I’m especially impressed with from them.

First of all the benefits can’t be beat. The savings of 40-90 percent off textbooks is astounding. I don’t have to worry about shipping costs because it’s free both ways. Another worry I initially had is the way I read and go through my text. I like to highlight as I go and come back to those parts to study and make notes and cards to study. I thought for sure I couldn’t do that if I was renting the book. With Campus Book Rentals you can certainly highlight in the books! They also have a 30-day risk-free return option that I happen to love. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten into a classroom and the instructor has pointed to a different text that may be more helpful or that they like more. They have flexible renting periods for the more non-traditional student—awesome. The best part about them is that with every rental, they make a donation to Operation Smile.

I’m a HUGE believer in Operation Smile and love this foundation. I’m sure you may have heard of it in passing, but if not, it is an organization that offers cleft lip and palate surgeries for families that could not otherwise afford it. Coming from a medical background, I know how important this surgery is. The condition causes serious complications in feeding newborns. They are most likely unable to suck effectively and a lot of the time, milk may be forced up and expelled through the nose. It’s a very sad thing for an infant. The only treatment is surgical repair. Operation Smile has been a God send for so many families.

Operation Smile isn’t the only organization that Campus Book Rentals has offered support for. According to their website, the Make a Difference Program also set aside 90,000 in textbook scholarships to be distributed. 

Aside from the benefits, the work they put in on the side that shows me they are more than just another company is what has drawn me to them, what I look for in a company, and why I’m sharing with you. I know many of you that rent textbooks and from whom, so I don’t think looking into these folks could hurt J

And if you don’t rent textbooks or have any reservations about it, may I ask you what exactly you think you are doing when you buy a textbook and then sell it back at the end of semester? Overpriced rental is what it sounds like to me! J Still on the fence? Go over and check them out for yourself.

Hope ya’ll have a great day, and I hope to get a break from studying again soon so I can share a few things!

****This is a sponsored post by Campus Book Rentals, whom I’m very happy to work with, as I believe very firmly in their ideals. In no way has this had an effect on my opinion or values.  Thanks so much for visiting them and helping me earn textbook credit for nursing school!***


  1. I love renting my text books, especially for general education classes I have to take that aren't for my major. Saves a ton of money!

  2. Textbook rentals are a great way to save money. They are great when a new edition comes out and there are no used versions available.

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