Friday, June 15, 2012

Jacinta from My Beauty Boxes is over today!

Hey ya’ll! I have someone special over today to share some fun stuff with you. So you know those fabulous little beauty boxes that I get and talk about and just rave over? Well, my friend Jacinta is over from to tell you more about not only the ones I get (Birchbox and Beauty Army), but a ton of others. If you’ve looked into the new craze of beauty sample boxes, you probably have noticed that within the last six months, there have been a ton of companies spring up to get in on the honey pot. So who’s worth it?! Well, thankfully Jacinta subscribes to all of them and breaks them down in a chart that lines them up and can help you better decide…or you just may spend more money, but hey, never too many beauty products! 

Hello lovely Southern Belle as an Army Wife readers! Isn't Erika fabulous?! My name is Jacinta and I am so excited to write a guest post to let you know a little about what I blog about at My Beauty Boxes. Basically, I am addicted to beauty subscription services. I am currently subscribed to 8 monthly services and a few quarterly services as well. What exactly is a beauty subscription service you ask? Well, they are companies that you sign up with to receive a box of beauty samples each month for a nominal fee. Many of them offer perks to win over consumers. You can take a look at past boxes from various companies at My Beauty Boxes. Here is a chart to help you decide on a monthly service that best fits your needs and budget!
You can check out a few of my favorite boxes by clicking on the pictures below.
New Beauty Test Tube

Birchbox May

Sample Society April

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