Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm NOT crazy! :)

Back in December, my husband and I made a very big purchase for our home. More specifically, for our kitchen. Even more specifically, it was cookware. If you have read any of my other posts, or know me personally, you already know what it was: A very popular brand of Titanium cookware. The pros: lifetime guarantee, much healthier cooking with low heat (retains most of the nutrients of your food), which leads into using less food thanks to a more nutrient dense meal, waterless/greaseless/oiless cooking (no added fat in your food, no water leaching vitamins/minerals from your veggies and fruits), every piece is dishwasher safe, every piece is oven safe up to 350 degree and if I want to cook above that I just remove the plastic handles, the ease of cleanup is unbelievable (stuck on food comes right off), and possibly the best part is the speed (tonight I cooked a FROZEN 2 lb roast with veggies that was fork tender and absolutely delicious in less than 3 hours). So you can probably see why it's worth the con. Yes, the CON, as in singular. The only negative is the cost. For all the pieces we purchased (and we got a few freebies) we paid...take a breath...$4200.00.

Why am I telling you this? Because, the way I see it, I invest in a new set of pots in pan set every couple of years anyway and spend close to 300 dollars. I also told my husband that just in the amount of money I could save in groceries every week (thanks to the food savings), I could make the money back! So that's what my Sunday is going to be...a journey to getting back $4200.00. Plan coming next Sunday....

And if anyone else uses titanium cookware, feel free to back me up on this one in the comment box below! Or if you have an awesome recipe you use in them, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. If I was a cook, admittedly I am not, I would want the titanium cookware. I assume they don't have a bakeware line then? Because I can bake my butt off! I can't let my husband see this because he would totally be wanting it...

    1. They do, actually! A baking pan was one of the things I got for free. They have a whole baking set that I would like to have as well. Ya'll should look into it! Can't go wrong with it!


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