Thursday, January 12, 2012

Settling In...Setting Up

It’s mid-January, and with the holidays over I can finally focus on getting a schedule going and rolling with the New Year! What would be very helpful is if the old year was all gone, e.g. all Christmas stuff put away. Yes, I STILL have Christmas stuff up! It’s rather ridiculous, but in my defense, I have been busy with crochet orders and other random things I’ve needed to get done these last two weeks.  And I just added plenty of fuel to the fire:

  1.       I accepted Cotton’s 1SG’s offer to make the cake for their “dining-in” for this MP ALC class for 70+ people (an offer which he extended for future “dining-in’s” as well! [hopefully that still stands after this :D])
  2.      I opened a new order for the cutest little crocheted turtles for newborns.
  3.  We finally found a 90’s style entertainment center! I’m turning this into a kitchen for Lainey. Best part: Free!
  4.  I registered for Spring Semester yesterday

And on top of that, here’s what we already have going on  the first half of the year:
  1. Next month,  that cake is due, my birthday, Love Day, marriage retreat, and my nursing entrance exam for this particular program I’m applying to (it’s never-ending).
  2.   March just may be the best month this year with: DISNEY WORLD (for the second time!), his cousin’s wedding, and New Orleans for a few days.
  3. April should be a calm month…JUST KIDDING. Nursing application for fall is due.  This is where I have to buckle down get my A-double-S in gear and study, study, study, (on top of all the studying for the spring semester I’ll be doing anyway), just in case my name is drawn out of the hat for clinicals and I have 8 weeks to test out of first year nursing. No. There was no typo there. EIGHT weeks to test out of first year nursing. Shoot me now.
  4.   May, my cousin’s wedding…studying continues.
  5.  Pending results from my nursing application and whether my name was drawn, I’ll keep you posted from here ;)

So seeing as how chaotic my life is, which it’s usually very similar to this, here’s how my blog theme is going to go down.
            MONDAY: OM NOM MONDAY (RECIPES! Either my own, or I’ll link up to some awesome ones I’ve done and highly recommend)

            TUESDAY:  TUTING/TOOTING TUESDAY (Either tutorial on whatever craft I’ve done, and if not complete, then I’ll toot my own horn about it and give you a sneak peak. If neither/nor applies [because there are times where I just want to chill out], I may toot (review) a book; makeup; product; household item; fashion; or whatever)

            WEDNESDAY: WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (You’ll see!)


            FRIDAY: FAMILY FRIDAY (Once more, you’ll see!)

            SATURDAY: I’m taking the time away from the blog on Saturdays to regroup and spend with the family.

            SUNDAY: SALADMASTER PAYBACK (You’ll see! Although, I may regret it!)

So there it is! My version of organization in a blog. I feel better, because not only do you know what’s coming and what to expect, but I do too! Just an FYI, just like any college professor will tell you, this is subject to change at my discretion, so enjoy! 

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