Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disney and Inspiration

So in two weeks we are leaving for Disney world. I am pretty sure I am more excited than anyone else in the house, but I’m okay with that. I’m going to start next week on our tshirts so we can be that crazy family this year! :D I’m also excited because a friend sent me an article today with Disney tips and although I had already prepared for most of them, one I didn’t know about saved me a ton of money! See, we got rid of our double stroller this year so now I don’t have one. However, I don’t think I’d take it if I did have it because it takes up so much room and there is no way I’m strapping anything on the top of my car that isn’t made for hooking directly up to it! Anywho, there was a part about stroller rentals and how expensive it is. For multiple days for a double stroller it is 27 dollars through Disney. And that’s those funky uncomfortable ones. Well I found a company with much more comfortable and compact strollers. Instead of paying what would have been 130 something dollars plus the 100.00 for the deposit with Disney, we are paying 65.00. score for me J
I guess I can go out of Disney font for the rest of this. But how fun was that? Seriously.  This week I took an exam for my nursing clinicals and got a 92. You only have to have a 60. So I was happy, but that was short lived when I remembered that this program isn’t competitive and as long as you meet the requirements, you can apply and be drawn from a hat for 20 slots. Which is kind of interesting because I’m eligible for advanced placement, depending on how much I test out of over the summer. I really am irked by this process.
So to get back in a better mood, two awesome things happened today. My exhaust came in for my car (yes,  that excites me) and the rest of my parts for it should be here by Monday. The other thing had to do with my writing. Most people that know me well, know I love to write and I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I have an issue with my writing, though. I don’t want anyone to see it. I take that back, I don’t mind people reading, but I don’t think I could ever publish.  Why? Because I have such a personal attachment to my characters, I don’t want to give them up for interpretation. Yeah, I’m selfish J So I haven’t gotten to write much in these past two weeks on my current piece, so today I read through it (even though I jump scenes like crazy. I write as it comes to me. Even if it’s out of order) and at the end I was left wanting more. Of my OWN writing. I thought it was pretty awesome that I had the feeling that I do when books end and you are thinking, “What the hell? That’s it? No!” So today I found inspiration in myself. I’m just so transfixed by my characters right now that I just want to know what happens myself at this point! So I’ve allured myself into my own story. Pretty self-absorbed of me, but I’m impressed none-the-less. J


  1. I am so jealous of Disney! Maybe that can be the field trip I plan next year. Haha. YEAH RIGHT! I am NOT taking 100 8th graders to act like fools and get lost at Disney. One day, though, I WILL be there! ;)

    If you ever decide to be less selfish with your characters (which I completely understand), I am sure I am not the only one who would love a teaser about what you are writing. I think you told me the story line, but I would love to read a little if you ever decide to share!

    1. Oh goodness! I couldn't imagine that many 8th graders on a field trip to Disney! Of course, I am sure you have a ton more patience than I do :)

      I may give you an excerpt ;) I'm sure I could come to you for a good edit, anyway!

  2. That's terrible! It takes a lot of effort and patience handling field trips and I don't know if I could do it myself! Kudos to you! Disney Stroller Rental

  3. How's your trip? Mine was unfortunately cancelled and hoping to make it up on Christmas. Disney is so wonderful and I just can't stop missing the fun that only Disney could give.


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