Monday, February 20, 2012

Garlic Three-Cheese Mashed Potatoes-Yeah, I'm going there.

No, this is not a joke. I'm seriously posting about mashed potatoes. Sounds too simple. Think about this, though: Whose mashed potatoes do you like? Maybe one or two people's, right? Or am I the only complete food snob? Let me tell you whose mashed potatoes I like. A combination of both of my grandmothers'. Thus comes forth my rendition of some pretty amazing, savory potatoes. I mean, if my husband will eat them, then they must be pretty phenomenal. You couldn't pay him enough money to touch some foods and mashed potatoes is on that list. Perfect mashed potatoes is not only about a few key ingredients, but also about the METHOD in which you employ to make potatoes mashed. If my mashed potatoes are running across my plate, then I'm not a happy camper. I like mashed potatoes, not potato soup. No, wait-I lie. I LOVE potato soup, but that's another story altogether.

Here are the ingredients that you'll see me working with in these pics:

1) 5 medium potatoes (these are russet)
2) stick and a half of butter
3) 1/3 package of cream cheese (8 oz pkg)
4) 1/2-3/4 cup sour cream
5) 1/2 cup finely shredded mild cheddar
6) 1/3 cup parmesan
7) 1/2 tsp garlic powder (or more to taste)
8) salt and pepper to taste

Notice what you don't see? I'll give you a hint: This is me sinking into a depression when I learn you are putting it into your potatoes.
Seriously. Leave it in your cereal.

First, peel (or not, if you like the peeling) and cube. Rinse well and place in a pan of water covering the potatoes. Throw in some salt, pepper, and a couple tablespoons of butter and boil until done. I use a fork to test doneness. Don't wait until you see the the potatoes falling apart in the pan, or potato soup may ensue. 
Drain and pour into a large bowl.

Next, cube butter (starting with a stick) and cream cheese. Place it in the potatoes with the sour cream (starting with 1/2 cup). Add garlic powder, salt and pepper and it's time to mash.

This is a big No, No. Not saying it isn't possible. Just saying everyone I  have watched use it, over does it. If you don't get it right the first time, you'll be have (once again) mashed potato soup. Can you tell I loathe runny taties?

You may get away with this if you are proficient enough with it. However, if you don't even know which attachment you should use, I wouldn't touch that one either. 

Here's the heavenly mashed potato utensil: Let the trumpets play! 

Don't overmash because you will have to do a taste test before the next step to determine if you need to add anymore butter, sour cream, or seasonings.

Once you have the sour cream, butter, and cream cheese mainly mashed in, stir in the  remaining cheeses.

And here you have it. Creamy, savory, still a bit of a chunk, light and holds its form. And if you are wondering why it's on bread, it's because we had Manhattan's.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

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  1. Those look awesome! I'm getting kinda hungry now...

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean. As I was posting, I was craving them. I may have to switch around the weekly menu some :D

  2. Love it. Thanks for the tip about the masher. I remember my momma using one. I make garlic mashed potatoes all the time. Do you have a good recipe for them ?

    Love your blog. Very Erika !

    1. Thank you, Ken! Have you been stuck at work for 24 hours, though?! The recipe is in front of you man! :D You know I love you ;)

  3. This looks ooo so good! I just might have to try it! Happy Monday!

    1. Happy Monday to you as well :) Let me know how you like them!

  4. I use milk and beaters LMAO .... however, even when I cook the potatos to the right texture, I never can seem to have NON Lumpy potatos .... lol I had no idea bout the beater/milk thing lol

    1. Well stop it!! :D The masher will help you control the lumps better. Next time I come down, I'll remove your lumps ;)

  5. HAHAHA oh wow, please not my lovely lady lumps hahhahah ..... ok, youll have to coach me, im a ra -tard

  6. I love your Kitchen Aid! I am a sucker for any kind of mashed potatoes and these ones sound amazing.

  7. Oh man! I looove anything potato! Blame it on my Idaho family roots! Thanks so much for stopping by today:) LOL! Multitasking...ya! I was thinking about how much time I spend in front of the computer for work and also my lil blog hobby! It was making me crazy! It felt so good to treadmill it! An hour went by like nothing! It was freakin me out just a little:) Thanks again Erika! I am going to find your FB page tomorow! I just started one as well! Are you using Triberr?

  8. Wow, Erika!!! I'm ready to make some now :)
    Thanks for linking up to my TASTY TUESDAY link-up!! Yay! ox

  9. These look amazing! YUM!!!
    By the way, I have awarded you something! Come check it out!

  10. Now you're talking my love language! Oh my goodness this looks AWESOME! So glad you stopped by because learning about your blog is a total treat! I'm THRILLED to be your newest follower! XO, Aimee

  11. Oh yeah....I'm glad you went there! LOL! Great recipe for mashed potatoes!

    Have an awesome day!


  12. Hi Erika,
    Now that is my idea of great Mashed Potatoes, yes girl those are perfect!
    Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  13. They do look yummy! I love mashed potatoes! I don't know if I've ever made them the same way twice! haha! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!

  14. Those look SO nummy. I am not a good cook and a few years ago I made some mashed potatoes and added this and that and thought they were amazing. I thought to myself "Yes!!! I created my own secret mashed potatoes recipe. One I'll pass down to my kids and them to theirs." I had this thought for a while until my husband confessed he didn't like them. LOL Ouch!!!! I was so sad. hahaha. Oh well. I'll give yours a try and if they're are truly amazing I hope you don't mind me adding a 1/6 tsp of water or air or something to make them "my own" Lol (i kid of course)


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